When sustainability meets profitability !

NEREUS designs, develops and builds industrial water extraction units.

Our original know how consists in extracting and recycling high-quality water from complex effluents (waste water, juices and fermentation broths, sea water, etc..) using as little energy as possible !

Our innovative recycling solutions are used by :

Waste water recyclingBiogas removalVidange lisierRecyclage des eaux usées industrielles

Tourism establishments, laundries and sustainable buidlings developers

Biogas producers

Farmers and breeders

Cosmetic  and pharmaceutical industries

… Who experience difficulties with water quality or quantity.

… Who want to reduce their water and energy consumption.

… Who want to protect natural water resource.

… Who want to reduce or remove the storage and the spreading of digestate.

… Who want to increase profitability of their biogas plant.

… Who are looking for a cheaper solution for manure handling systems.

… Whose land application sites are too far or who don’t have enough surface for spreading.

… Who have difficulties related to their greywater treatment.

… Who want to engage in sustainable development.